IAMC Works to Make Legislation Work For You

As its primary responsibility, IAMC strives to protect the vending and coffee service industry in Illinois to ensure favorable results relating to taxes, legislation, regulation and social issues. We maintain close, personal relationships with legislators and lobbyists who constantly monitor legislation affecting our industry and our members.

Support in Springfield

The IAMC has lobbyists in Springfield who assist us in cultivating and maintaining relationships with our representatives.

Staying Up To Date

In an effort to keep all of our members informed about impending legislation weekly publications are made when the Senate and House are in session.

Staying in Touch

Every spring the IAMC has a lobby day in Springfield to connect with our legislators and bring them up to date on all issues that affect the convenience services industry.

Join Hundreds of Operators, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Brokers in Our Fight at the Capitol (and by fight we mean peaceful meetings, education and networking)