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Grow Your Business

Your membership in the Council is vitally important, not only to support IAMC activities, but for the preservation and future growth of your own business.


Since 1966 vendors, suppliers and operators have come together to protect the common business interest of the vending industry through the Illinois Vendors Political Action Committee.

What is IAMC?

The mission of the Illinois Automatic Merchandising Council is to promote and protect the common business interests of the vending, foodservice and office coffee service industries, and to improve our service to the public. We believe that vending should be responsive to and meet the needs of today’s lifestyles. Our members are dedicated to providing the best possible products at convenience locations and at reasonable prices. The IAMC is proud of its members and their record of service to the Industry and to the people of Illinois.

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Membership Benefits

Illinois legislation

Springfield Legislative Lobbyists

An existing and ongoing relationship with our local decision makers is of the utmost importance to help ensure the growth and prosperity of our industry.

Illinois workshops and meetings

Annual Meetings

At the IAMC annual meeting we have a great time building relationships while gaining insight into current legislation and industry issues and we golf.

Scholarships for Illinois students


The Illinois Automatic Merchandising Council (IAMC) is proud to sponsor the Peter F. Perricone Scholarship Program to benefit employees and children of member companies.

Illinois employees


The IAMC provides the opportunity to meet with other industry professionals in Illinois to exchange best practices and procedures.